Gemma Purkiss
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Wedding Website Design



To save on the time, money and reliability of post offices around the world, a digital wedding invite website was created.

Starting with the Save The Date, which uses an illustration of the venue and a strike of colour to emphasise the lighthouse venue. Contrasting nicely with Alegreya font, giving the overall look a playful but established feel.

[Date has been changed for obvious reasons.]


The wordmark, like the save the date, was to be playful yet established. Instead of using an ampersand, the X was used to highlight collaboration and a new union.


The venue location is a dock away from the infamous East India Docks, a hub of imports from the Eastern World. To highlight the areas historic value we decided to go with a rich orange spice as the key colour.


The website needed to be concise and simple for all wedding guests (young and old) to be able to navigate, as well as across different languages. A series of 6 icons were created to breakdown the day. While the bold thick lines are much smoother than the original illustration of the lighthouse venue, with the addition of a hand drawn orange background it gives the icons a playful edge.

Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 16.38.43.png